Dallas Contemporary Introduces New Exhibitions for Spring/Summer Season

April in Dallas is an exciting time for art. Here’s what you can find at the Contemporary, this spring.

Dallas Art Fair celebrated its 10th year running, this past weekend, and adding to the festivities, the Dallas Contemporary opened brand new exhibits, featuring artists, Eric Fischl, Harry Nuriev, and Sarah Rahbar.

If Art Could Talk – Eric Fischl


Fischl’s premiere large-scale exhibit displays a series of both seemingly insignificant and contrasting powerful moments that commentate on human vulnerability, and more specifically, the international art scene Fischl is so familiar with.

6 Fears – Harry Nuriev


This minimalist piece features dozens of tire swans, placed through out the room, a large glass with window cleaning robots, and bright purple carousel, strategically placed at the center of the room. By highlighting the ever changing nature of urban-ism, Nuriev, both an architect and artist, explores the relationship between design and architecture.

Carry Me Home – Sarah Rahbar


Carry Me Home illuminates the complexities of war through three rooms; the first of which bronze body parts are carefully dissipated. From there, Rahbar displays sculptures composed solely of wooden riffles. An army cot splattered with a bloody world map, sets the exhibit’s final scene. The most compelling and grandiose piece, however, is an American flag stitched with the words “You are safe here with me”, asking what the safety and freedom, associated with home, costs a world, a nation, and a life.

Exhibits will be open, free of charge, until August of 2018.

Visit the Dallas Contemporary for more information on these exhibitions.





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