Ep. 1 – Meet Bailey Womack: fashion stylist, college student, and professional side hustler

Party For ONE is “Celebrating Young Artists”; those proving that success in the art industry is about much more than mere luck, but strategy, hard work, and a never-ending hustle.

Bailey Womack, a stylist and college student, at The University of North Texas, in Denton, is doing just that.

Celebrating Artists Cover Art
Ep. 1 Meet Bailey Womack: fashion stylist, college student, and professional side hustler


Photo by Chloe Young

Meet Bailey Womack

Bailey Womack has caught the attention of my own and many others on fashion’s favorite network, Instagram. Not only is she compelling through her bold, yet seamlessly polished looks, but by her passion and drive made apparent through her work.

Whether it’s pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising, styling for local photographers, modeling agencies, or creating her only brand, the pop-up shop, Gold Fish Thrift, Womack has a history of making things happen. Recently, Womack was interviewed by the women’s style magazine, Marie Claire, and will be featured in upcoming issues, this summer.

At just 21 years old, Womack is well on her way to the career of her dreams, so we sit down to learn just how she does it, and how other young creatives can, too.

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