Photo by Chloe Gonzales.

Chloe Young

Audio/Engagement Journalist

Hi! I’m an audio and audience engagement journalist from Dallas, TX pursuing a bachelor’s in journalism at Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas in Austin. I first discovered my passion for connecting digital audiences with engaging, ethical, and interactive news content in high school after completing an independent study in New Media Journalism. Through the course of two years I learned how to report and produce meaningful online news content by studying under journalists at The Dallas Morning News and D Magazine. Since then, I have worked in numerous role at one of the largest, most successful college newspapers in the country, The Daily Texan. I currently work as a senior audio producer for the paper, producing episodes for our Life in Orange podcast, creating content for both the Daily Texan’s 64,000 plus Twitter followers, and managing a team of audio reporters. In February of 2020, I came on board the Center for Media Engagement‘s Media Ethics Initiative as an undergraduate research assistant. My research examines pressing ethical dilemmas in modern day news media. I am most fascinated by exploring the complicated relationship between technological developments, online communications, and the state of American democracy. As a community-first journalist and ethics scholar, I strive to connect media consumers with the news necessary to live their most informed and thus-forth most engaged lives.

When I’m not busy producing, consuming, and researching the news, you can find me an Austin coffee shop, small concert venue, museum, or anywhere in which people, politics, culture, art, and good music are involved.



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