Dallas March For Our Lives

Dallas’ students spent their Saturday peacefully protesting, and that’s something worth celebrating.

In wake of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, student survivors have gained national media attention, except this time, not as victims, but advocates for political change. Demanding that America takes notice of the voices of youth, these students took their frustrations and birthed them into a movement for stricter gun laws and safer schools, March For Our Lives. On Saturday, March 24th, students, in over 800 cities worldwide, marched in their respective cities to bring the effort into their communities.

I met with the student masterminds behind the Dallas, TX march, learning more about their stories, their hopes for this march, and their hearts for their city. Read the full story here.

Although legislative action is yet to be taken, surrounded by thousands of my fellow students and Dallas citizens, last Saturday, March For Our Lives felt like history in the making…


Joey and Jonah: high school juniors
Kundai: high school junior
The march begins, in front of city hall.
Moms Demand Action encourages student marchers.

Emma, Merritt, and Valentina: high school juniors

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset
Back at City Hall for the rally.

Guardians line the street, in support of students.
The crowd is urged to make room for thousands of marchers.

Waed Alhayek, student at UT Arlington and march organizer.




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