Ep. 3 – Self Discipline and Success with Nikki Naghavi

We all want success, but are we willing to make it happen? Violinist, Nikki Naghavi says our work and wants fall hand in hand.

What’s not to envy about a child prodigy? So much talent at such a young age and so unfair, right? Not quite…

17-year-old Nikki Naghavi is one of many Dallas artists proving that success in the art industry is about much more than natural ability and luck but a never ending hustle, including long hours and sacrifice.



At age 4, Nikki Naghavi’s parents asked her to “pick out an instrument”. She chose violin. Not long after, Naghavi had fallen in love with her new musical best friend and went on to become one of the most talented young violinists in Texas.

After years of competing, winning grand prizes in the Dallas Symphonic Festival and Collin County Young Artists Competition, Naghavi made her orchestral debut with the University of Baylor Chamber Orchestra, in 2018. From there, she’s has gone on to solo with the Plano Symphony and play alongside the Dallas Symphony in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra.  In 2017, Nikki Naghavi placed 1st chair in the Texas All-State Orchestra, a process that includes multiple vigorous auditions against high-school violinists, across the state.

To an outsider looking in, Naghavi plays with such confidence and poise, it seems that she was born playing the violin with ease. The journey to where she is today, however, has been no easy journey according to Naghavi, as her daily routine consists of 3-4 hours of practicing.

She speaks, in our interview, of the immense self-discipline she’s had to implement into everyday life. Whether it’s saying no to hanging out with friends or substantiating from the Netflix binging much-loved by adolescents, Nikki Naghavi isn’t following most habits of her high school peers. Sacrifices and all, Naghavi finds contentment and happiness right where she is, as she is able to pursue the art she loves. What more could a musician want?

Tune in to Episode 3, with Nikki Naghavi, where we talk about what it really takes to earn the luxury of a profitable music career.

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Keep up with Nikki Naghavi on Instagram @nikkinaghaviviolin

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