Ep. 2 – Mariel Pohlman on art as a business

Quit that day job; make that money… 

Talented artists exist everywhere, but those who manage to pay the bills pursuing their creative passions remain in the rarity. Perhaps, that’s because marketable art takes more than an impeccable gift, but the professionalism of a business.

In this series of “Celebrating Young Artists”, Party For ONE is sitting down with young artists making big moves in North Texas, to find out just how one can cultivate creative career success, and that’s where professional artist, Mariel Pohlman, comes in.

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Mariel Pohlman is an artist from Dallas, TX, who specializes in murals and small illustration. If you’re a resident or regular visitor of the Dallas district, Deep Ellum, you’ve probably come across Pohlman’s work with local businesses such as Walmart, the Common Desk, Smart City Apartments, Local Hub Bicycle Company, Fiction Coffee, and many more.

There’s more to Pohlman’s story than simply creating great art, although. After college, Mariel Pohlman first began her professional career in accounting, but after six years in the corporate world, decided to sell her things, pack her bags, and leave on a 10 month excursion, to travel the world.

Now, back in Dallas, she’s established her lifelong passion into a career in freelance art, however, it was the skills she learned in the corporate field, that Pohlman says has led to her ultimate success.

Join Party For ONE, in episode 2, as Mariel Pohlman talks taking your art to the next level, as a business.

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