Your Morning M I X

Early morning natural or nocturnal night native, let’s be honest, with work, school, a social life, and a million other things to do, sleep can be rare and mornings… excruciating. Although there may be no easy fix to the loathing of mornings and everything that involves getting our of bed, non-circumstantial, consistent celebration can indeed be incorporated into our lives, in even the most dreaded of things . Yes, this even includes those not so celebratory “I got 3 hours of sleep last night”, and “I haven’t had my coffee yet, so don’t talk to me” kind of mornings. Sadly, there’s no pill to take for common morning hatred and zombie-like sleep depravity, but there is a sweet medicine called music, which can sometimes be the best remedy.

Welcome to Your Morning MIX – 10 songs to get your day started off on the right beat… literally.

1. “7:00 AM” – Tennyson

This funky, fresh track is sure to get you out of bed and on your feet. Tennyson incorporates your classic, dreaded alarm tone, into a sweet symphony of techno pop.

2. “Let’s Make You Pregnant” – PAPA

Eccentric electric guitar, acoustic beats, and playful bass. “Let’s Make You Pregnant” ‘s beach-like, retro sound will bring you back to a time of drive in’s, diners, and dancing in the 60’s.

3. “Kerosene” – MDSN

Wanting to wake up energized and eager to seize the day? This new, synth pop bop is sure to do the trick. “You are every hope and dream, the spark in me. You light me up like kerosene.” Now that’s some motivation for your morning.

4. “Back Pocket” – Vulfpeck

To listen to this groovy, innovative blend of playful percussion, woodwinds, and bouncy bass and not gain a spring in your step? We’re afraid you’ve just committed a musical crime, my friend. Vulfpeck, the gods of contemporary jazz, with their genius, blend of funky jazz and pop, will whist you away into a moment of of, some much needed, tranquil bliss.

5. “Glitter” Tyler the Creator

“Firework… I feel like glitter.” Sounds like a pretty nice way to feel in the early AM. Not only is this progressive piece attention grabbing, but musically, impressive and complex. With a dynamic mixture of fun beats and differentiating melodies, Glitter, most definitely, gets us awake and on our feet! Props to you Tyler! We vibe to this.

6. “Landslide” – Oh Wonder

Rise and shine to this beautiful blend of soft vocals, piano and uniquely incorporated electric pop. “Landslide” ‘s mellow, uplifting melody is sure to inspire you in a mindset of optimism, each day.

7. “Grant Green” – Mr. Jukes

All aboard the soul train, this morning, as musical genius, Mr. Jukes, takes us on a ride back to the soul and rock n’ roll 70’s. This feel good, jazzy jam is sure to make the birds tweet a little higher, the sun shine a little brighter, and your day, a little bit better than the one before.

8. “Negai” – Zoology

Channel your inner productive side this morning, with Zoology’s new, bustling groove. Lively electric riffs, textured percussion, and exciting melody make this song a dance-worthy addition to this morning mix.

9. “Samson and Delilah” – Willie Watson

Folk artist, Willie Watson’s newly released hit is pure honey to our ears. This sweet, lighthearted song is sure to put a smile on your face, as you start off the day. After all, who doesn’t love some classic, feel good folk?

10. “In My Way” – MUNA

This new release by MUNA definitely makes our list of top 10 morning-time bops. The electric pop group’s collection of bright and groovy melodies, through eccentric electric guitar, funk-like bass, and synth beats, are sure to get us out of bed each morning. We might even be able to skip coffee.

Actually… we think we’ll stick with the double shot espresso, anyways.

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One thought on “Your Morning M I X”

  1. Chloe, i love you so much and this is so incredible!! im so excited to see how God uses your gift of writing and journalism for His work.


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