LIFE Featuring YOU

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I remember, very clearly, the first time “Party for ONE” entered my mind. A morning like any other, I was driving home from a friend’s house with breakfast food on my mind. Driving past my favorite sit down breakfast place, I felt the almost uncontrollable urge to pull in, sit down, and have a nice meal with none other than me, myself, and I. I imagined the scenario in my mind. “How many?”, they would ask. “Just one,” I would say back. “Party of one,” they would reply. “Party of … just me“.

As a kid, the phrase “party of one” was foreign and strange. After all, what was a party with one person and could there even be such a thing? A party of one meant no one but yourself, and that sounded just… lonely. Surely, this was a party I could live without attending.

Life, however, as it often does, gets harder with age. Friends came and went. My schools, my homes, all of this changed. With a few more years of constant change and maturing life experiences, I slowly began to understand the power of myself as an individual; the ultimate power I possessed in my ability to be happy, enjoy life, and measure up to my full potential, as a special and uniquely gifted human being. At age 16, the parallel of life and a sit down dinner for one person, seemed more obvious and applicable than ever. Perhaps, this “party of one” was life itself; a joyous, beautiful, continuous celebration of who we are: our compelling beauty, passion, and unique diversity. A party that begins, not due to the conditions of the atmosphere, but through our very own souls and minds.

At this party, we don’t have to be alone, as there are family and friends to join us in love and celebration, but this party is one we must choose to create, for ourselves, each day. Eventually, we learn that we cannot always rely on the state of our venue or the guests who are attending. There will be plenty of unexpected difficulties; difficulties we cannot control in anyway. We can, however, control one thing… ourselves: how we feel, react, learn, grow, and think.

This party, called our life, begins and ends with none other than us. For surely, we know better than anyone how to host our own best party… a party celebrated with others, but thrown by and made for YOU. 


What’s to CELEBRATE?

Party For ONE is an online media site/platform that strives to empower all individuals in fully embracing their unique and exclusive, personal potential and power as diversified human beings, by celebrating individuality: the beauty, passion, and diversity that makes us who we are and this LIFE one big PARTY. A party that starts with ONE. At P41, we believe that you have a GIFT. This gift makes you uniquely inseparable from everyone else! We aim to celebrate these gifts and the amazing power you have through them; the power to educate, to positively impact, to love, and to grow. Instead of asking ourselves what we would like to have, as far as gifts, we ask ourselves what we have been given and what can we give back? So what’s in your cup?

What’s in Your Cup?

If this life is a party, it’s time to take a look at what we’ve been given to drink. Maybe it’s musical talent, an education, athletic abilities, money, creativity, a strong passion for something, etc. Whether it was earned by our own selves or given to us freely, we all, as diversified individuals, have talents, abilities, circumstances, and opportunities that set us apart from each other and if celebrated, can propel us forward into a celebratory future!



Why ONE?

Life was never meant to be spent alone, however, at P41, we strive to strongly enforce the importance of the individual. Although caring for community is important, the first needs that must be met begin within ourselves. When we take care of ourselves, we are able to reach our full, powerful potential, and it is at this prime potential that we can fully and effectively serve and love our communities, families, and friends.


The PARTY never STOPS.

In an ideal world, a celebratory life is easy and consistent, but, as we all know, often, along with every up comes a staggering down. Your PARTY doesn’t have to be circumstantial, however. Why? Because this party is dependent on YOU. YOU are the party; the music, the theme, the memory filled moments, the laughter, and the joy that makes this life worth living.

So welcome to your greatest party ever: LIFE Featuring YOU.

THIS is your party. A Party For ONEIMG_2720

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